Collection of trees at Groen-Logistiek


Our logistics centre, Groen-Logistiek, is located in Udenhout, a town approximately 10 km from our home office in Haaren. All orders placed at Ton van den Oever Nurseries need to be collected at Groen-Logistiek.

 Additional information can also be found on the website: An English translation of this website is in process.The logistics centre in Udenhout has 2 hectares of outdoor terrain, suitable for the storing and collection of trees. At Groen-Logistiek we can also store plant material in two separate climate controlled sheds with a combined surface of 2400m². 

The climate in these sheds is controlled via computer systems, which assures a perfect humidity. One of the sheds, built early 2012, is especially developed for the storage and processing of shrubs and perennials. This shed is perfectly isolated, has an even concrete floor and quickly opening and closing mechanical doors. The other shed we use for the processing and storage of bare rooted trees and trees with root balls, and has a floor which consists of black turf soil and loamy soil.

Transport and logistics