Customer-oriented, and many years of experience in the nursery trade

Know-how and advise

Ton van den Oever has over 250 years of experience in the growing and selling of trees and solitaires. Our knowledge of nursery products, market forces and different fields within the nursery trade is extensive. Given this, we can give our customers the advice and support they need, while planning and developing their projects. We also advise on tree (cultivars), tree measurements, girths and planting bare root or with (wired) rootball.

Wired rootball
Trees with large girths and / or trees with fleshy roots we prefer to deliver with a wired root ball. A wired root ball prevents the root system of the tree from drying out. Another advantage is the continuing contact of the roots with the original soil. Both the jute and the wiring are biodegradable. The tree with the wired root ball can therefore be planted directly in the planting hole.

Bare root
Smaller trees, varying in the size 6/8 till 10/12 and 12/14, depending on the type of tree, can be lifted and transported abroad bare rooted. On request, the roots of the trees can be wrapped with a plastic bag and / or root dip.